Sizzling Hot Online

The range and choice of Novomatic online casino slot games is amazing there are games designed on lots of different themes to keep different types of players happy. There are some very elaborate themes available that detail different adventure and history stories which look fantastic on the screen. Some players do prefer however the more traditional and simpler slot games that represents a more old school playing environment. The Sizzling Hot online game is one of these titles that offer’s players a fast paced slot game with no complex bonus rounds. This simpler playing format makes the game much more appealing to certain players and the Sizzling Hot online game also has a much more basic uncomplicated theme. The Sizzling Hot online game has a simpler theme but still a very interesting one which is based on burning hot fun. This burning hot action packed theme is displayed to players through great visual and sound effects that make the theme come alive. The Sizzling Hot online game has amazing game play which looks amazing on the screen and players will love the fast paced slot action. The game features several straight forward bonuses that are perfect for players who do not want to learn difficult features.

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The burning hot action packed slot game delivers a very cool theme to players through fantastic visual and sound effects. The theme of the Sizzling Hot online slot controls the overall playing environment and atmosphere that players will experience when they play the game. The playing environment of the slot is of fiery heat and a high tempo where players will feel their adrenaline pumping to the highest possible level. The visual effects that are used to create this atmosphere in the Sizzling Hot online game are very clever and all of the different visual elements add up to look excellent on the screen. The first of these different elements is the slots background which is a combination of a dark blue and deep red which look amazing. These two colours instantly create an image of flames and heat for players which are in keeping with the slots theme. The symbols used in the Sizzling Hot online game are various fruits including grapes, cherries, oranges and lemons, the slot also includes the very important star symbol. These different symbols in the Sizzling Hot online game are all drawn with flames around them and when the fruits connect to make a winning line they engulf in flames.

The effect of the symbols engulfing in flames is excellent and players will really appreciate how this enhances the games theme. The other very effective visual effect in the Sizzling Hot online game is the title text which is displayed to players at the top and is centralized on the games main screen. The title text is written in a bright orange font that has flames surrounding it this effect really enhances the games theme. The several different visual effects in the Sizzling Hot online game fuse together excellently to result in a fantastic burning hot playing environment that players will love. The sound effects are equally as important in the Sizzling Hot online game as they are a crucial part of what creates the slots atmosphere. The sounds in this game manage to deliver the games theme through very short and sharp electronic tones which raises the games tempo. The higher tempo means that the slot feels faster and more pressurized which is in keeping with the Sizzling Hot online theme. The different winning line combinations all have their own unique sound effects which add to a player’s enjoyment. The games various bonus rounds all have their own individual sound effects which are used to enhance a players enjoyment of the game.

The combination of the visual and sound effects work excellently in the slot game to create a brilliant fast paced playing environment. This fast paced playing atmosphere is complimented expertly with the most important element of a slot game, the game play. The game play of the Sizzling Hot online game is based on fast paced action packed fun and this includes the slot format and the bonus round available. The format of the Sizzling Hot online game is a five reel and five win line slot which a very simple set up. The player has the choice of playing with a maximum of only five win lines active which is very low meaning the game will flow faster. The bonus round available in the Sizzling Hot online game are fast to learn and very simple to implement. Two of the bonus rounds in the Sizzling Hot online game are activated by the games super star symbol, the first of these is the scatter bonus. The scatter bonus is activated by the player spinning in three stars on the screen at once to unlock a special bonus payment. The second bonus that the star symbol can unlock is the substitute bonus.

The substitute bonus in the game works by the star symbol having the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to create a winning line combination. The main aim of the Sizzling Hot online game is to line up five matching symbols across the five reels to create a win line. The star symbol has the power to significantly help players do this and achieve a money winning line. The final bonus on offer in the Sizzling Hot online game is the gamble bonus feature which is available to players when they line up three matching symbols on the board. The bonus can be accepted or declined by players as this is a very risky bet that can result in players either doubling or losing their prize fund. The Sizzling Hot online game loads the bonus feature in a new screen for players and presents them with a fifty / fifty chance bet. This chance bet if won results in the players prize fund doubling and players are then offered the chance to repeat the feature. The game play of the Sizzling Hot online game is simple fast paced fun which is in keeping with the games frenetic action packed vibe.